10 great reasons for a career in testing

Here's what one of the innovators in the open source industry says about a career in testing. I do agree with him.

  1. We get to play customer even before the customer sees the product
  2. We understand the product in-depth right from product requirements all the way to design docs
  3. We can objectively measure the results of our efforts and impact
  4. We get to see the whole product fully in action before any one else
  5. We are the second one to see bleeding edge innovation after the development
  6. We can become the master in debugging - a special skillset to posess
  7. We fill the gaps between product management, development, support, program management and consulting
  8. We guarantee interoperability, backward compatibility and functionality
  9. Our options are open when it comes to career path - can move up as a developer, product manager, support engineer or service engineer
  10. We are the ultimate to stamp our seal of approval and clear the product for shipment :-)

Sounds good.

There's a little cache. Co-ordination of the involved stake holders (point 7) is very important.

Second most important thing is "Management commitment". In smaller organizations, typically the management dictates the terms of a release and sometimes pushes a product with some bugs which can cause problems. It is very important to drive in that quality is more important than the timely deliverable. Not that we should deliver testing projects late everytime. It's just that enough time should be factored into the project planning and testing should not be rushed if development overshoot their delivery.

But, yes, despite all these challenges, testing is a great career to consider. What's a life without challenges, isn't it .


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