Latest tools in software testing

From what it was a few years back, software testing has evolved into a multiskill role which requires a tester to offer more than just manually test a software.


Motivating and retaining talented testers in team

Retention of experienced talented testers is a challenge today. Ask any QA manager. Apart from delivering quality products, one if the prime concerns he would have is to keep the people who are ensuring the quality of the product great, intact and faithful to the company.

So, how do we do that ?

If anyone in your team is looking out for a change - few reasons to consider -


Work as a freelance tester with utest

As testers, most of you may be aware of UTEST.COM. If not, it's worth checking it out.

They are a great company and have brought testing services to the open market. A whole community of testers' services are used by prominent companies. The testers also stand benefitted as they are paid for the bugs they report for the application under test.

Though when they started, the focus was on testing Mobile applications, they now offer different verticals to test - Retail, Finance, Education, Healthcare, Social media, etc.


Selenium typekeys do not work with firefox 8, 9, 10, 11. Download firefox 7.

For those of you who are facing problem with selenium typekeys not working with the more recent versions of firefox, here's the update.

As I could gather from a lot of complaints on various forums, the typekeys method for selenium does not type any text as expected on the firefox browser versions later than 7.

Firefox 7 is the last version that I have experienced this working without any problem. After lot of searching, I found Firefox 7 to download on this website:


Concept of idea testing in agile development

In the last 2-3 years, a new concept of idea testing has taken firm ground with product development companies (especially start-ups).

With fierce competition in the software industry, to keep their position in the market, most product companies these days follow a very aggressive release cycle. No doubt this puts a lot of pressure on qa / testing. However, companies are adopting risk based testing approach and go ahead with product release being fully aware that the product has bugs.


Opensource Testcase Management tools

Seems like suddenly there's a great demand for open source tools and especially test case management tools. As more and more innovative products are being launched by startup enterpreneurs, demand for free and open source automation test development and test case management tools appear to have jumped up. Primary reason being, these startups look to operate at low costs (if they had a choice they would like to operate at no cost :)).


Stop selenium remote control server using python

How do I stop selenium server remote control after running my selenium tests in python.

It can be done by issuing a Shutdown request via http.

All you need to do is this:


Test analysis and test design

Many times I get asked to explain what is test analysis and test design.

Test analysis:

This is primarily an exercise to study the software requirements and understand the scenarios that need to be tested. Study the requirements, talk to various stake holders in case of queries you get from studying the software requirements and come up with high level test requirements / test scenarios. This requires to understand the external and internal impact a certain requirement would have on the customer or other integrated products / modules.

Test design:


A good testing resume in these tough times

It's that time again. The markets are in reverse gear. Jobs are dwindling. Few big companies are hinting at inevitable layoffs.

In such a situation, it's always good to be prepared. Float your resumes in the market, attend interviews. It helps to assess your strengths and weaknesses.


Test automation using Testlink XMLRPC API - steps and sample python client program

Testlink is a very user friendly and powerful test case management tool. Alongwith manual test execution and tracking you can also use it alongwith your automated tests to report results via xmlrpc dynamically.

If you need more info on Testlink check out my article here - TestLink - Free, open source test case management tool


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