Browser compatibility tests

Browser compatibility testing, sometimes a.k.a cross browser testing.

Testing web applications ? With a host of web browsers in the market each vying for a market share (Google Chrome is the latest entrant and I have to admit it's a cool browser), it's becoming increasingly difficult for websites to cater to a large internet community each using a different browser ( or someone like me who uses 3 browsers, please do not ask reasons  )

While it is impossible to test your web application for compatibility with every browser available, it makes sense to satisfy the major browsers in use.

Take a look at the browser usage statistics on this website:

This shows that though Mozilla Firefox (FX) has increased it's spread, Microsoft Internet Explorer is still the major web browser. (Also note it's share is decreasing every month, that's interesting). Google Chrome itself has captured about 3.1% within 2 months of launch. That's incredible and it's only going to improve.

It also means, one more browser has been added to your browser compatibility test check list. But it's inevitable and has to be done.

I've recently added a post about a company which is worth looking at for your cross browser compatibility testing for your web application.

Here it is - - a test lab for cross browser - cross platform testing

I'm sure you'll love it.

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