Software testing - terms, definitions

  • Actual outcome
    • The behaviour actually produced when the object is tested under specified conditions.
  • Bug
    • (= Fault) A manifestation of an error in software.
  • Coverage item
    • An entity or property used as a basis for Testing.
  • Error
    • A human action that produces an incorrect result.
  • Expected results
    • (= Predicted outcome or Expected outcome) The behaviour predicted by the specification of an object under specified conditions.
  • Failure
    • Deviation of the software from its expected delivery or service.
  • Fault
    • (= Bug) A manifestation of an Error in software. A Fault, if encountered may cause a Failure.
  • Steps
    • (= Test Scenario, Input) A sequence of executable actions from an entry point to an exit point.
  • Test Project
    • Test Project is top structure in TestLink Data. All data (except users) are related to active Test Project.
  • Test case suite
    • A collection of one or more test cases for the software under test.TestLink uses this term for organization of Test Cases within Test Specification and Test Plan.
  • Test Coverage
    • The degree, expressed as a percentage, to which a specified Coverage item has been exercised by a Test case suite.
  • Test execution
    • The processing of a test case suite by the software under test, producing an actual outcome. Test Case Suite is defined from Test Cases within Test Specification via assignment to Test Plan.
  • Test Plan
    • A record of the test planning process detailing the degree of tester indedendence, the test environment, the test case design techniques and test measurement techniques to be used, and the rationale for their choice.
  • Test Specification
    • For each test case, the coverage item, the initial state of the software under test, the Steps, and the Expected results.
  • Testing
    • The process of exercising software to verify that it satisfies specified requirements and to detect errors.
  • Test case
    • A set of steps, execution preconditions, and Expected results developed for a particular objective, such as to exercise a particular program scenario or to verify compliance with a specific requirement.

Source: Testlink documentation. Reproduced for the benefit of those looking for such information.

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