TestLink - Free, open source test case management tool

TestLink - is a free open source test case management and execution tool.

Having recently joined a startup product development company, where test cases are all over the place stored in Excel spreadsheets, we realised the difficulties of management of test cases - making changes to existing tests, adding new tests, monitoring test runs and still maintaining versioning for tracking purposes.

That's when I started looking around for a test case management tool. In my company, usage of open source software is greatly encouraged, for the simple reason that it's free of cost. Only other thing to take note is that the software project should be active and well supported.

Having done some research of a few test case management tools on google.com, I settled on TestLink.

TestLink features

  • Collect and organize your test cases dynamically
  • Track results and metrics associated with test execution
  • Track specific information about individual tests
  • Capture and report details to assist you in conducting a more thorough testing process
  • Customize TestLink to fit your requirements and processes.
  • Test Case history / versioning
  • Unlimited structure of Test Specification
  • Support for other databases (SQL standard, generalized DB interdace)
  • Improved user management (editable)
  • Attachments
  • Revision of Standard terminology
  • Enhanced reports
  • XML import/export
  • Custom fields for Test Cases

Download TestLink

You can download TestLink from the following URL


Once you are on that page, Click on the 'Download TestLink' link and follow instructions.

Installation requirements

  • A linux server
  • A reliable webserver (Apache is recommended)
  • PHP5 (5.2 is recommended)
  • MySQL 4.1 (and higher) or MS-SQL

If you are uncomfortable downloading, installing and configuring the above, download a pre-configured infrastructure stack from Bitnami (http://bitnami.org/stack/lampstack)

Installation steps as I did it (I'm using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (i586))

  1. Login as root
  2. Install the infrastructure stack (LAMP stack) downloaded from Bitnami (Sorry, installation instructions are out of scope in this article. Btw, Bitnami has very good documentation and the stacks are easy to install)
  3. Test your webserver and php and MySQL works by running (http://<your server name>/test.php). That should display a page with lots of information about PHP.
  4. ftp/sftp/scp/winscp the testlink.tgz/testlink.zip file to your Linux/Windows server into the webroot directory of your webserver
  5. Extract the tar ball (tar zxvf testlink_1.7.4.tgz)
  6. Start a browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer)
  7. Type http://<your-server>/testlink/install/index.php
  8. Click on New install. (I had to chmod 777 gui/templates_c directory for the installation to continue as it complained that it could not write to that directory)
  9. Select Database type - MySQL, Database host - localhost
  10. Enter the Database name (I chose to have'testlink')
  11. Enter Database administrative username and password (in my case, it is root, Mapinkbo)
  12. Choose a username and password for testlink DB
  13. Click on 'Setup TestLink!'
  14. Tick the checkbox to agree with the terms of usage of this software
  15. Click on 'Proceed'
  16. Follow instructions and finish installation
  17. After installation You will have the following default login for TestLink Administrator.
    login name: admin
    password : admin
  18. I had a failure creating a file config_db.inc.php. TestLink displayed a piece of php code with the testlink DB details you just entered. In the testlink folder where you can also see config.inc.php file, open a file config_db.inc.php, copy the php code into it and save it.
  19. Now if there are no further errors, remove the install directory
  20. Then launch testlink application from http://<your-server>/testlink
  21. Login using user admin, password admin and then play around before you actually start implementing the testlink test case management tool.

Good luck!! Hope this useful.




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