Work as a freelance tester with utest

As testers, most of you may be aware of UTEST.COM. If not, it's worth checking it out.

They are a great company and have brought testing services to the open market. A whole community of testers' services are used by prominent companies. The testers also stand benefitted as they are paid for the bugs they report for the application under test.

Though when they started, the focus was on testing Mobile applications, they now offer different verticals to test - Retail, Finance, Education, Healthcare, Social media, etc.

The testing skills available on UTEST.COM vary from Functional Testing, Load Testing, Security Testing, Localization Testing to Usability Testing.

This is a fantastic opportunity for testers to explore and test a wide variety of applications which otherwise will not be available when working within the organization. The learnings from this experience will actually add value to your own work in your organization. It's also a great place to build your network with other testers around the world. They also have a BLOG which offers a lot of tips on how to test various apps. They also have a FREE TEST RESOURCE section, where you can learn more on test automation, QA tools and lot of other subjects.

It's FREE for testers. Once you register, follow the steps and submit your skills. When there is a matching testing requirement, you will be notified by email. You will be guided by a requirements doc and you can start testing.

The catch, however, is that sometimes you may not be approved to test a project because the skill or the geography may not match the requirement or the number of testers has hit the limit requested. Do not get disheartened. Keep trying. As and when you get a project or two completed, your brand value starts increasing.

Go ahead, register and enjoy. Happy testing!!

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